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Michael J Phillips is a Freelance Visual Designer working out of Southern California. With a knack for off-the-wall illustration and an eye for bold color, his design language tends to be hard to miss. Personal interests that influence his style are Comic Books, Hip Hop, and Art Nouveau.

Michael J Phillips is a custom designer first and foremost, meaning each and every project he takes on requires a tailor-fit approach and technique. Connect with MJ to discuss your custom design project.


Logos & Branding

Since a young age, MJ has been drawn to logo design and branding. Iconography as an art form is an intensely fascinating subject to him. Creating logos that capture an organization's character and vision is the bread and Butter of MJ's work.

Connect with him today in order to brand and iconify your vision.

Web Design

MJ's work in Web Design is an extension of his passion for aesthetics. His approach to a minimalistic style is heavy on HTML&CSS with a splash of JavaScript and prioritizes responsiveness.

While MJ Prefers the GitHub Pages route for hosting Website, he has a good deal of experience in Wordpress and Squarespace environments.

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Connect with MJ anytime. Whether you have questions, comments, concerns, musings, or just want to strike up a conversation, feel free to send him a message.

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